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Mrs. Paz

Math Information 

6th, 7th, 8th Math and Algebra I



Updated Information as of April 3, 2020

Where are the assignments?

Answer: Assignments will now be located on Pearson Realize website.

How do I login?


  1. Click on the following link: Pearson Realize Math Login

  2. Username: last two digits of your graduation year firstname.lastname 

                                                    Ex. 25first.last          

                                                                 *do not capitalize letters or add spaces

  1. Password: Your password is the same one that you use to login to computers at Brookesmith I.S.D and your email.  If you have forgotten your password, email me. 

  2. The first time you login, you will be prompted to select a language, profile icon, background, and then press “Let’s Go!”

  3. Click on the “Classes” icon in the middle of the page. DO NOT CLICK the “BROWSE” icon. 

  4. Then the assignments will be listed.

  5. Click on an assignment and begin. 

How do I get help?


  1. When you are on a question, look towards the top right corner and click “Question Help”.

There will be options such as:  help me solve this, view an example, glossary, and math tools.

Check this out because it is very helpful.

  1. You can always email me for help.

What if I am going to receive a week 3 packet in the mail?

Answer:  You can do the packet assignments, scan/take a picture, and email the assignments to me. 

  *Note: The packet assignments and the assignments online at Pearson Realize are the same    

                              assignments.  It is not necessary to do both. 


Special Information for Algebra I

  • Your week 3 assignments are listed on Pearson Realize, but they cannot be answered online.  You have a few options:

  1. You can do the assignments in your week 3 packet, scan/take a picture, and email to me. 

  2. You can login to Pearson Realize, click on each assignment to view, and then there is an option for you to “Attach File” that will send it to me. 

  • Starting week 4 (April 13-17), your assignments will be online and your can answer online. 

Instructional Videos and Resources: 

* Study Island offers a list of grade level math topics and with each topic there is a “lesson” that contains an instructional video that can be helpful in reviewing specific math topics. 

* Khan Academy and YouTube are great for searching for an instructional video.

Teacher Contact:

STAAR Resources: