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Technology Policies

Brookesmith Technology Procedures


These procedures will outline what steps to take In case an issue arises concerning technology and who to contact.


  • If you are having a minor issues with something technology related including but not limited to: needing it updated, printer not connecting, WiFi not working and anything else you feel is not major please refer to Mrs. Barrow for these issues. If these issues persist then please contact me informing me.
  • If you are having a major issue with something technology related including but not limited to: WiFi not working at all in your room, application on server is down, or the server is down all together, computer will not turn on at all, needing something ordered for your computer or class room and anything else you feel needs my immediate attention then please contact me and submit a ticket and I will make sure to get the issue resolved.
  • We also provide training on most programs we use daily including Microsoft word, excel and power point as well as all google applications. In case staff members want to familiarize themselves more with these products please contact me and we will schedule a training session.


For these procedures use your best judgment if you feel that the issue you are facing is a minor or major one. If you feel that it is a minor issue but still want to contact me please feel free to. With these procedures in place we hope to cut down on how long it takes to get to issues staff are facing in a timely manor.