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Angela Bradley

Welcome to my Kindergarten and Pre-K online classroom.

I am very excited to have my students back in the classroom, and to meet the new students that will make our class complete! Our staff is commited to keeping everyone on campus safe and healthy. The following are some of the procedurers that we will be following. For a detailed outline, click on the Covid-19 link on the homepage and read the Back to School Plan.  

  • On the first day of school if your child needs help getting supplies to their classroom, one parent may help them.  Parent and child will have to be screened at the door by the flagpole before entering the building.
  • Bus riders will be screened before they get on the bus. When they arrive at school all elementary bus students will enter the door by my classroom and Mrs. Nelson’s room. Kinder and Pre-K students will come into our room, put their things in their lockers, go wash their hands, and sit down in their assigned seats at their table.
  • Riders that are dropped off at school will stop at the door by the flag pole.  Parents must wait in their vechicle until their child has been screened and given the okay to enter the school. After entering the building my students will come straight to our room.
  • School doors open for students at 7:45am. 
  • Once all students have put their things away, washed their hands then they will be served breakfast in the classroom. No visiters during breakfast.
  • Lunch times for elementary students will be staggered. Students may eat the cafeteria food or a lunch  they have brought from home. No visiters during lunch time.
  • I feel like this is going to be a wonderful year, we may have to be flexible, with in class or remote learning, but if we work together we will make this an awesome year for our students. If you have any questions feel free to text me.

Angela Bradley

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