• Brookesmith Community Flashbacks


        The community of Brookesmith dates back to the early part of the 1900's.  Although many present spectators jest about the size of the town.  Brookesmith was once a "booming" town when first established.  The invention of automobiles resulted in less activity in the community of Brookesmith., it is once again on a rise due to the advancement of technology present in the small 1A school, which is drawing attention to surrounding counties.

       l The original town was located on a railroad and named Serville.

     l In 1902, David Smith renamed Serville  Brookesmith in honor of the Brownwood banker,

              Brooke  Smith, who was a major factor in the development of the community.

     l  The first school, a one room brick building, was built on a hill overlooking the town.

     l The first Post Office was established in 1903.

     l The community had a two-story hotel owned by the Carr family(built in 1903), a lumber yard, a drug store, three grocery stores, two gas stations, and a barber shop.

       l A new school was rebuilt and relocated in 1930.

      l The town also had 3 cotton gins until the late 1950's when the cotton industry declined.

      l In the 1980's the school was upgraded to have a classified 12 grade school.

       l The population for the 1980-1990 census was 61.

      l In 1994, the school--excluding the cafeteria--and auditorium was torn down.  A new school was           rebuilt; the campus consisted of one large building holding grades 5-12, and elementary grades were taught in portable buildings along the relocated playground and new school.

      l In 1996, the old rock gym was officially condemned, and a new gym took the place of the previous auditorium and was connected to the cafeteria.

      l The football concession stand was built in the summer of 1997.

       l During the 2000-2001 school year, Brookesmith I.S.D. enrolled in its first year of Distance Learning classes--which included dual credits for high school courses and college courses--through  Howard College at Big Springs, Texas. 

      l A new elementary building was built in 2001.  The new building included:  a new library, administration offices, seven classrooms, and a new Distance Learning lab.