UIL - District- 2017- @ Menard - March 23, 2017 
    STATE UIL - May 24, 2016 @ Austin
     state uil 2016
    Accounting Team - Patience C., Micah D., Dylan H., Kutter S.
    Dylan H. placed 4th @ State 
    Regionals - April 23, 2016 @ ASU in San Angelo 
     Top- Kutter S., Jackie T., Dylan H.
    Bottom Row - Mackenzee H., Jessica H., Patience C., Micah D., Nikki R.
    1st Place Accounting Team
    Accounting Team  
     1st Place Accounting- Individual
    Dylan H  
    District UIL - April 6, 2016 @ Menard
    2015 District UIL - Eden - March 26, 2015 
    District UIL

    Pictured from back right:  K. Smith, T. Nunn, R. Nelson, K. Heard, N. Roberts, C. King, J. Harris, D. Hancock, B. Garay, B. Nance, H. Andrews, B. Hughes, J. Perkins.

    N. Roberts placed 4th in Literary Criticism.  She is the alternate for Regionals.
    J. Harris placed 5th in News Writing, and 6th in Poetry.

    K. Smith  placed 5th in Current Events.

    The Current Events team is the alternate for Regionals.


    The following students will be competing at Regionals in San Angelo on April 25th.


    D.Hancock  placed 1st in Accounting.


    K. Smith placed 2nd in Accounting.


    D. Hancock placed 1st in Current Events.


    H. Andrews placed 3rd in Feature Writing.


    D. Hancock placed 1st in Mathematics.


    The Mathematics team placed first. They are (D.H., B. N., N.R., and T.N. & B. H.)
    Regional UIL Team
    Alternate to State
    D. Hancock placed 4th at Regionals in Accounting and Mathematics-
    alternate to State UIL
     2014 District UIL - Cross Plains -- March 24, 2014

    Results from UIL at Cross Plains March 24, 2014:

    Computer Aps – Juliet M -3rd   will attend Regionals

    Computer Aps – Kenzee H – 4th Alternate forRegionals

    Science – Heather A- Alternate for Physics

    Current Events – Riley J -2 nd Place – will attend Regionals

    Current Events – Shyan S – 6th Place

    Accounting – Shyan S – 3rd Place—will attend Regionals

    Current Events – 2nd Place Teams (Riley, Shyan, Jayton, Nikki)
    District UIL part
    Placed at UIL 2014
    attending uil 2014 regionals
     2013 Academic UIL - Cross Plains -- March 25, 2013
     District Participants:  D. Mackey, H. Allgood, K. Heard,  A. Farrow,  C. Frakes, P. James, P. Donahoo, M. Hall, T. Nunn,
     S. Morelan, J. Gerdts, N. Allgood, G. Valadez,  S. Seamans, T. Stephens, K. Stephens, E. Gomez, D. Willson, R. James,
    C. Svehlak
    2013 District UIL team
    Accounting--6th Place-H. Allgood, 3rd Place - S. Seamans
    Social Studies- 2nd Place - S. Seamans
    Shyan and Heather
    Regional Participant:  S. Seamans
     Shyan to regionals
    2012 Academic UIL --- Knippa -- March 23, 2012
    District Participants: C. Davis, S. Seamans, A. Esquivel, M. Cundy, H. Hughes,
    K. Heard, A. Farrow, P. Donahoo, H. Allgood, R. James

    district part.

    3rd Place Accounting -- S. Seamans (Regionals)
    4th Place Computer Applications (Alt. Regionals)
    Placed at District

    Accounting Team - State
    Computer Applications - Alt.

    State Contestants


    Regional Contestants

    Regional Qualifiers
    Elena G. - 3rd Place Accounting, Jessica C. - 4th Place Computer    Applications, 
    1st Place Accounting Team
    2011 UIL District Meet at Knippa, TX on March 25, 2011.
    District UIL 2011

    10High School students attended the District UIL meet at Knippa on March 25, 2011.

    Mrs.Means’s would like to thank thesestudents for their participation:







    Thesestudents will be competing at Regionals in Brenham Texas on April 15th:

    regional uil 2011

    Jessica C.---3rd place in Computer Applications

    Elena G. - 1st place in Accounting

    Casey J. – 3rd Place in Accounting

    Kelsey J. – 4th Place in Accounting

    1st Place Accounting Team
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